Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peter Wyngarde in Cardiff

Here's a nice advert (from 1974) trumpeting Peter Wyngarde's visit to Mackross, a long-since defunct department store in Cardiff. Wyngarde you may remember starred in such classics of '60s and '70s telly as Department S and Jason King. He also regularly popped up in the likes of The Saint, The Champions, The Troubleshooters and The Avengers. Although often portrayed on TV as an arch womaniser (partly inspiring the character of Austin Powers) Wyngarde was, in fact, homosexual. He was for many years the lover of actor Alan Bates. Just a few months after his visit to the mens & boys department of Mackross, he was convicted of gross indecency following a regrettable incident in a gentlemen's convenience at Gloucester bus station. Fans of the camp Anglo-French actor will know that he once recorded an album simply called, Peter Wyngarde. It has subsequently been reissued on CD under the more lurid title of, When Sex Leers its Inquisitive Head.