Friday, February 10, 2012

Mark Phillips

In this stylish YouTube witness Mark “Sparky” Phillips of Demented Are Go, guest vocalising on My Love Forever More, by Zurich-based band Hillbilly Moon Explosion. The murder ballad was released as a single last year with a rockabilly version of Enola Gay on the flipside. Hillbilly Moon Explosion’s oeuvre is broad – ranging from dark Americana to full-on psychobilly. Legend has it that they once turned down an invitation to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest. In the above clip Penarth product Phillips, looking somewhat weathered these days, turns in a typically gnarly performance. You’d expect nothing less from the front man of Demented Are Go. I once got booted in the head at a Demented Are Go gig…. but I digress. Italian director of the vid, the fruitily monikered Giuseppe Valentino, was so taken with the bequiffed Welshman that he now wants to shoot a Cassavetes-style movie with Phillips in the lead role. If you fancy yourself as a budding producer and have a few grand to spare; or if you happen to sit on a Welsh arts/film quango, then Giuseppe Valentino would like to hear from you. You can read his pitch for the flick, The Bloodsong, here.

Incidentally, adding further Welsh spice to My Love Forever More is veteran rock’n’roll keyboardist Geraint Watkins who plays a mean organ on the recording.