Monday, December 19, 2011

Atheist Xmas EP

It’s that time of year again when rampant capitalism meets Jesus and an orgy of bad taste ensues. My deepest sympathies to you if you're currently engaged in a paranoia-fuelled arms race of tat buying. I won’t waste time patronising you with fake bonhomie or misplaced sentimentality, instead I'll just point you in the direction of Gruff Rhys’ marvellous Atheist Xmas EP. Tear off the wrapping paper and inside you’ll find his ‘chirpy’ Motown-tinged ditty Post Apocalypse Christmas (see YouTube). Also on offer At The End of the Line, and lugubrious suicide number Slashed Wrists This Christmas. Eat your heart out Leonard Cohen. The EP goes on sale today and would, ironically, make a very cool Christmas pressie.

And don’t forget... Santa is an anagram of Satan.