Friday, December 16, 2011

9-9-9 by Heatwave

9-9-9 by Welsh band Heatwave featured on an interesting recent compilation Do What Thou Wilt: The Satanic Rites Of British Rock 1970 – 1974. It was originally the flip side of a single on Harp Records that came out in the early ‘70s entitled One-Eyed Man. Information about the band is scant – they were led by guitarist Mervyn Selby Read and they may have hailed from the Swansea area. The song itself is damned fine - garagey, proto-punk in places, with a hint of Black Sabbath. If you have any further info on the band please get in touch – I would love to know more.

Update: Musician Philip Anthony can add this nugget of information about Heatwave. "The band were from Pwll (between Llanelli and Burry Port) and I remember a load of us kids (I was about 8+ish) sitting outside the house of Peter Harper (maybe the drummer, I think) on School Rd listening to them perform One Eyed Man in their front room. Needless to say I bought the record from them."

Many thanks to Philip for the additional information.