Friday, April 13, 2012

Chainsaw Song

If you suffer from castration anxiety or if a woman armed with a power tool causes you to feel a bit nervous, then perhaps you should avoid Exit_International’s Chainsaw Song. The rest of us, however, can enjoy its perverse delights. As the title hints their new single is the tale of lady maniac running amok with a chainsaw. Taken from last year’s spunky debut album, Black Junk, this is the most radio-friendly and dare I say it commercial sounding track from that collection. It’s a fine song and has already earned them some UK-wide airplay. The trio are currently featured in Kerrang! magazine where they are pictured brandishing a burning six-string guitar. The band, of course, famously abjure the use of that particular instrument, preferring instead the novel approach of an all out twin bass assault. In the Kerrang! piece the band reveal that they are recording new material and promise to up the weirdness ante for the next album. Nice.

*Chainsaw Song by Exit_International is released next month on Undergroove Records.