Monday, May 13, 2013

Cai Jones

Cai Jones - the creation of J Selwyn Lloyd - is Wales's very own footballing superstar. He's a sort of Welsh-language Roy of the Rovers. A proto-Gareth Bale. Check out his cool red and yellow kit - I particularly like the vaguely fascistic lightning flash badge and matching socks. Jones gets involved in all kinds of adventures. In Cai Jones A'r Elain Wen, for example, he takes an under-15 north Wales football team to Germany to compete in a tournament. There are explosions, a luger-toting woman, and a gothic castle on a hill. In Cai Jones Ac Esgyrn Y Diafol he goes to Brazil and pits his wits against some of their top teams. Author, J Selwyn Lloyd, originally from Tal-y-Sarn, Caernarvonshire, was a school teacher who became a writer in 1990. His books for children include westerns and war stories as well as the Cai Jones football series.