Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Jonathan Hague and John Lennon

Jonathan Hague is a Welsh artist born and brought up in Llandudno. From 1957-63 he attended Liverpool College of Art where he became good friends with a youthful John Lennon. Although Lennon wasn’t at the College for very long the two remained in touch. When the Beatles did a week’s residency in Llandudno in 1963 the artist lent Lennon his old Ford so that he could drive around the town incognito. Lennon and McCartney also enjoyed tea as a guest of Hague’s mother. In 1967 Lennon sponsored an exhibition of Hague’s work at the Royal Institute Gallery, Piccadilly. You can see Hague and Lennon together in front of one of the works in the above photo. Hague lectured on art in Coventry and Birmingham and also worked in the Netherlands where he gained a state scholarship (and presumably picked up his surname). He eventually settled in Leamington Spa, where he lived in a house purchased for him by John Lennon.
*The above picture is copyright TopFoto.