Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Welsh Cultural Subversion

This picture from 1977 shows Elwyn Ioan and Robat Gruffydd of Welsh-language satirical magazine LOL. A kind of Cymric Private Eye the publication gained much notoriety for ridiculing members of the Welsh Establishment. Including the people who could potentially have funded them. LOL also holds the dubious honour of being the first magazine in Wales to have shown full-frontal nudity. I have previously mentioned the magazine here.

LOL could be viewed as being part of a wider tradition of Welsh cultural subversion. This might include Neil Crud’s Crud fanzine which dispensed advice on committing arson and shoplifting; Datakill and Hoax! which encouraged office-based sabotage and came out of Brecon; and Fierce Records who bootlegged Charles Manson albums and sent out goody bags that contained hypodermic needles. And you could also include the people behind that fake tape of Jimi Hendrix playing the Welsh national anthem a couple of years back. And Ian Bone in Swansea...