Thursday, March 28, 2013


Over the past few weeks I have been enjoying Trwbador’s debut album, Trwbador, which I picked up at their gig in Cardiff’s Buffalo Bar (an establishment in which I always approach the overpriced bar with a deep sense of trepidation). Having followed their career via Adam Walton’s excellent Saturday night radio show I have become a confirmed Trwbador fan. I love the combination of Angharad’s Van Rijswijk’s naïve-sounding vocal and the experimental beats, loops and guitar work of Owain Gwilym. In addition I find myself swooning at their xylophonic tendencies and wonderful sense of melody. The album is officially set for release on April 1 and gets a double thumbs-up from me.

*The above YouTube features their current single Safe. Also check out some of their earlier work including Deffro Ar Y Llawr and Shapes. And borderline novelty tune Google It which contains lines like: "Is the queen a lizard?" and "Dog pisses in man's mouth".