Monday, May 13, 2013

Rebecca Magazine

Rebecca was a fine investigative news magazine published between 1973-82. It came out of Cardiff under the editorship of Paddy French. Wales-wide in scope it focussed especially on corruption in public life. One of its most controversial issues featured an article on the pervasive influence of freemasonry in Wales. At the time (1981) there were apparently 290 lodges in Wales with over 20,000 members. To nobody's great surprise it was discovered that leading councillors, police officers, bankers, quangocrats, the judiciary, and bastions of the Welsh business community were members of the funny handshake brigade. But no women, of course, who are by and large omitted from The Craft. Rebecca was eventually run along co-operative lines but ran out of money and folded.

*The above edition of Rebecca from May, 1982, featured ubiquitous drugs smuggler Howard Marks.