Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sarah Vaughan in Cardiff

Here is a brief interview with blues/jazz singer “Sassy” Sarah Vaughan taken from a now defunct Cardiff newspaper in 1958. Fact fans will be interested to learn that the singer performed in Cardiff on three occasions - in 1953 (when she wore a scarlet dress), 1958 and 1963.

Sarah Vaughan Visits Cardiff

Sarah Vaughan looked lively and gay. She was relaxing in between shows when I saw her at the Capitol Theatre. Miss Vaughan, I said, why are you called Sassy? “I really don’t know – but I’d like a drink.” A drink arrived. With a glass of water in one hand she went on, “Al Hibbler gave me the name. I guess you’d better ask him.” We got onto singers. What do you think of Eckstine? “Billy? My favourite – I love him.” She was polite but apparently slightly resentful and stood staring at me behind very dark glasses. What do you think of Louis? “Louis? You mean Louis Armstrong? Oh my goodness what a question.” She burst into laughter. “Why I think he’s wonderful.” And Elvis? The smile faded. She became detached again. “Well it’s really not my type of music. I don’t go on rock and roll. I guess he’s nice - and rich. But I like the blues, good blues.” Sarah told me she was delighted to appear in Cardiff. She had heard that the Welsh appreciate music – even the blues. And how right she was.