Thursday, November 13, 2008

KKK by Bill Meilen

This fine piece of trash fiction by Bill Meilen, from Cardiff, came out in 1968. Pictured is the eye-popping cover of the American edition. Meilen always managed to sneak a Welsh hero into his novels, no matter how improbable the situation. Thus we find a sailor (and martial arts expert) from Cardiff sorting out some evil white supremacists in America's Deep South. Meilen even manages to mention Brains beer, the National Museum of Wales, and the Angel hotel, along the way. Below is part of Meilen's intro to the book:

The most significant thing about Klan influence to my mind is that at no time has there been a suggestion that the Ku Klux Klan (who stand most to gain) had any hand in the brutal slayings of President John F Kennedy, Doctor Martin Luther King, and senator Robert Kennedy. The Klan has not even been mentioned in hypothetical connection. I ask the reader to seriously think about such a possibility.

I am not a mystic...but to those interested in mysticism may I point out that from their point of view there is an even more significant factor. The three shining hopes of Democracy in the United States cut down just as they were becoming dangerous Kennedy, King, and Kennedy...their initials spell...KKK. I ask you to think about that, too, whether you are a mystic or otherwise.

My Favourite line: "Hogan wondered what he'd look like with a Welsh fist in his mouth."

Bill Meilen went on to become an actor and even appeared in Scooby Doo 2. He died in 2006.