Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Peruvian Hipsters - Tony Hadley

In 1988 Treorchy combo the Peruvian Hipsters released a single which had the jaw-dropping title of Tony Hadley. If a more surreal record emerged from Wales during the 1980s I am yet to hear it. The song as you may have guessed is all about the lead singer of Spandau Ballet and how he failed to live up to the high expectations of the Peruvian Hipsters. It has a dangerously catchy chorus which includes the lyric: "wishing that I could be like you... Tony Hadley". Don't be surprised if - after hearing the song - you find yourself singing those words aloud at inopportune moments. For what it's worth my advice to any band seeking to idealise a pop star is: don't make the object of your idealism the lead singer of Spandau Ballet and you won't end up disappointed. Nigel Buckland - guitarist in the Peruvian Hipsters - would later go on to co-host Vids, an utterly brilliant film review TV programme aired by Channel 4 in (I think) 2001. In fact so anarchic was that particular show that I'm beginning to suspect that Tony Hadley might just have been some kind of Situationist prank. Or was it? Put on your irony-detectors and judge for yourselves.