Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh For Christ's Sake

Christmas has come early for Patrick Jones. I bet he can't believe his good fortune. When you are struggling trying to flog an obscure volume of poetry amidst the sackloads of mainstream drek put out at this time of year, publicity like this must be an absolute God-send.

The Christians and the poetry enthusiasts.... it's like the Sharks versus the Jets. Give them all flick-knives and let them get on with it. Seriously, though, I'm so curious as to what's upset the religious fundamentalists that I might actually buy the thing myself. So hats off to Patrick Jones for creating a media stir and organising a great marketing campaign.

You too can purchase Jones's, ahem, highly controversial Darkness is Where the Stars Are from a bookstore with more balls than Waterstones, near you, now. Or via Amazon. It costs £7.99 and is published by Cinnamon Press.

For the Christian Voice's take on the matter, click here.