Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Viva Porthcawl!

There aren't many things that can out-kitsch Jeff Koons's mantlepiece but the annual Porthcawl Elvis Festival is one of them. Europe's biggest homage to The King will take place this September. Tickets are already on sale. Against the bleak backdrop of an out-of-season Welsh seaside resort you'll find be-wigged and portly versions of young Elvis, Blue Hawaii Elvis, Vegas Elvis and all the other Elvii that you can think of. Competition is fierce and inter-Elvis rivalry can sometimes descend into bitchiness and even threats of violence. For an hilarious insight into the annual Porthcawl bash read the relevant chapter in Charlie Connelly's In Search of Elvis: A Journey to Find the Man Beneath the Jumpsuit. For more information on the Porthcawl Elvis Festival itself, click here.