Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Nigel Buckland in Vids

Barry Norman? Jonathan Ross? Pah! The best film reviewers ever were the aforementioned Nigel Buckland of Treorchy and Scots personage Stefan Gardiner, as seen in Channel 4's Vids. Broadcast circa 2001 the duo reviewed dubious flicks from their scuzzy, mock-video rental shop (remember them?) in downtown Glasgow. The show was great not only for the culty choice of movie up for review but for the often foul-mouthed yet always witty analyses of those films. I mean, where else on British television would you have found Coonskin and Anthea Turner - Tone, Lift and Condition being so expertly deconstructed? This was back in the days when Channel 4 had quite an adventurous programming policy. Fortunately somebody has put the entire series up on YouTube, thus enabling us to enjoy again the mayhem. Fill your celluloid boots.