Wednesday, October 24, 2012


There's a certain amount of internet speculation about a little-known band called David who released an outstanding single in 1969 on the Philips label called Light of Your Mind. The A-side was written by James Griffin and Rob Royer who would go on to form rock group Bread. Some people have assumed therefore that they were involved in David. They weren't. David was actually a four-piece from south Wales consisting of: Ian England (organ/vocals) of Cardiff; Phil Edwards (drums) from Newport; Sid Petherick (lead guitar) from Penarth; and Dave Martin (bass/vocals) from Cardiff. In 1969 they were offered a publishing deal with Chappell and soon recorded what has since become a much sought after single - good quality copies can fetch over £100 on ebay. I actually prefer the B-side, Please Mr Policeman, which was penned by Ian England and showcases his own nifty keyboard skills. You can see a correct group photo below. Their only other single (as far as I'm aware) came out in 1970 on the Fontana record label. The A-side I'm Going Back was co-written by Dave Dee who also produced the recording. For a while David were his backing band after he'd parted company with Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. The B-side, Selppin, is 'nipples' backwards.