Friday, October 26, 2012

Welsh Tea Towel in The Dead Zone

Can you remember The Dead Zone, a horror thriller directed by David Cronenberg that hit our cinema screens back in 1983? It starred scary Christopher Walken as a man who awakens from a post-car crash coma to discover that he has psychic powers. Most of his visions seemed to involve people in horrific, potentially life-threatening situations. But that isn't the most shocking aspect of the movie. For me, the weirdest part of The Dead Zone is when a map of Wales suddenly hoves into view. When I first saw it I remember thinking: are my eyes deceiving me or did I just see a map of Wales on that wall? Over the years I began to suspect that I might just have experienced some kind of freak geographical hallucination but, as the above screen-grab confirms, the familiar contours of Wales do actually make an appearance in the movie. What I had totally forgotten, however, is that the Welsh map is in tea towel form. Which just goes to prove that when it comes to weirding people out Cronenberg is the undisputed master.

*Thanks to Nic Dafis for allowing me to use his pristine screen-grab which first made an appearance on his excellent Morfablog back in 2010.